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XM forex broker

Forex broker XM is a large European company, which provides services to more than 500 000 traders from different parts of the world. The first official name of the company - XEMarkets. Among the key features of the company are favourable trading conditions and an excellent bonus program.

The firm is part of a larger entity, Trading Point Holding Ltd, which is registered in Cyprus. The organization has been operating since 2009, and its founders are well-known traders from Greece. The financial company has received quite a few awards, such as the "Broker with excellent order execution". The company sponsors a famous runner, Usain Bolt, who in turn advertises this corporation.

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Terms of Trading

XM provides market entry to traders on the following terms and conditions:

  • The ability to select one of the account currencies: JPY, ZAR, RUB, USD, AUD, HUF, CHF, GBP.

  • Maximum available leverage - 1:888 (for currency pairs USD/RUB, EUR/RUB available leverage is not higher than 1:50).

  • Spread size - from 0 pt.

  • There are no commission fees on Micro and Standard accounts.

  • The minimum fee is 5 USD.

  • Sixteen trading terminals for various devices.

  • More than 300 trading tools.

  • A maximum number of contracts for a trader - 200.

  • Round-the-clock trading 24 hours a day, five days a week.

Trader registration

Log in to the official XM website and click on "Open Live Account". Fill in the registration form, specify the title, indicating how to address you correctly, and also determine the following information:

  • Surname, first name.

  • Date of birth.

  • Country of residence.

  • City.

  • Place of residence.

  • The language of communication.

  • The phone number for contact.

  • E-mail address.

By choosing the trading platform, type and currency of the account, as well as the credit leverage and the size of the bonus, specifying the data in Latin letters you can proceed to the next stage.

You must specify whether you are a US taxpayer or not. Enter information about investors. This should include the amount you want to invest in the US dollar account, your education level, the purpose and type of transfer, and the fact that you have a job. Create a password, enter it in a particular field and repeat the data entry.

If you agree to receive company news, tick the appropriate box. You will be sent letters about the company's promotions, but you can unsubscribe from XM's Forex Broker mailing list.

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Account Types

Traders can open the following trading accounts:

  1. Micro. Leverage - up to 1:888. Spread size - from 1 pt. No commission fees.

  2. Standard. Minimum capital - 5 dollars. A maximum number of deferred positions per speculator - 200.

  3. XM Zero. Credit leverage - 1:1-1:500. Spread size - from 0 pt and above. The minimum capital for trading is 200 USD. A maximum number of pending orders per trader - 200. A small number of currency assets - USD, JPY, EUR.

  4. Demo. Trading virtual money in the amount of 100 000 USD. Fully suitable for novice traders who want to choose the best trading tactics.

For all accounts, the broker provides high-quality execution of orders. Traders are provided with a personal analyst, who will tell you the basics of making deals, as well as provide signals for technical and fundamental analysis.

XM Zero account is a unique offer of a financial company. Trading is carried out on more than 56 currency pairs and precious metals. Traders are provided with remote trading service, as well as a one-click trading option.


Forex broker XM provides over 16 types of trading terminals for various gadgets. There are four main types of platforms on the official XM website:

  1. MetaTrader 4. There are no requotes. Over 300 exchange instruments: CFD, exchange futures, currency pairs. Plenty of technical analysis tools, technical indicators, robots-advisers. Small spread size - from 0 pt.

  2. MultiTerminal MT4. Supports more than 128 accounts. Order execution and management are performed in real-time. It is possible to trade with one click. Active market transactions are displayed on the price chart. Close By/Multiple Close By transaction requests.

  3. MetaTrader 5. There are no requotes. More than 80 tools for technical forecasting, narrow spreads from 0 pt. Support for all types of transactions, trading robots and hedging. Trading with 180 Contracts for Difference. Trading currency pairs, stock indices, crypt currencies, company shares, precious metals and energy assets.

  4. Web Trader. Direct access to the trading platform of the company from your browser without the need to download software. Existing orders are displayed on the price chart. Trading requests to close deals and close a pack of contracts. Ability to edit the characteristics of exchange contracts.


The official XM website provides merchants with various training materials, for example:

  • Webinars for trading on the currency exchange.

  • Training lessons.

  • Forex Trading Seminars.

Seminars are conducted by professional trader Avramis Despotis, who thoroughly tells about the basics of technical forecasting, reveals the secrets of time intervals, methods of their application in intra-day trading. The expert shows the practical use of volatility indices and time intervals. For professional traders, there is a training seminar "Learn to trade on multiple timeframes". The online lesson is dedicated to the theory of technical instruments and exchange oscillators.

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6 Asset Classes - 16 Trading Platforms - Over 1000 Instruments.
Trade Forex, Individual Stocks, Commodities, Precious Metals, Energies and Equity Indices at XM.

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Bonuses and stocks

The peculiarity of the company is that it provides traders with several bonuses:

  • 100%, maximum - 5 000 USD. Client money is credited automatically and instantly. The action is limited. There is an opportunity to participate in the dealing loyalty program for Executive level.

  • Loyalty program XM. Seasonal bonus rewards in honour of holidays and weekends, as well as some significant events. Unique bonuses for referrals are available.

  • Free remote server. The company allows uninterrupted communication with the trading platform, so it is the best solution for trading robots. High speed of transactions is also a significant advantage.

  • Absence of commission fees for input and output of money. Support for credit cards, electronic payment systems. No commission fees are charged on bank transactions that exceed 200 USD. The investment of money is fully automatic.

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